Cocktails, Beer & Wine


The Muse 11
cucumber-infused Hendrick’s gin, St. Germain and blueberry harmonize in our namesake cocktail.

Spaghetti Western 10
a rosemary and Campari spin on a Bulleit Bourbon Old Fashioned.

The Other Redhead 10
ginger and ancho chili liqueurs spice up this bold Jameson sipper.

Earl Grey Gardens 10
honeysuckle vodka, lemon, tea syrup and thyme create a fresh take on a Collins.

Electric Park 12
Rieger whiskey, an earthy Greek liqueur, grapefruit, honey and a touch of celery shrub brighten this spin on a whiskey sour.

Champagne Supernova 10
grapefruit liqueur and Lillet makes this champagne cocktail sparkle.

Mamma’s Little Helper 8
Our signature frozen sangria with a ginger and matcha tea kick

Minor Swing Margarita 11
hibiscus, jalapeno, and blood orange liqueur reinvent this classic drink finished off with grapefruit soda.

Far From The Tree 8
frozen white sangria with a crisp, German apple liqueur, citrus and orgeat. 

Today’s Riff
ask what our bartenders have improvised tonight!


Local Drought

Holy Roller Urban South I.P.A. 7
Mississippi Fire Ant Southern Prohibition Imperial Red 7
Catahoula Common Gnarley Barley Steam Lager 7
Tin Roof Blonde Tin Roof Blonde Ale 7
Bayou Blaze Chafunkta Imperial Red 7
LA 21 Passione Bayou Teche Passion Fruit Wheat 7

Bottles & Cans

Aventinus G. Schneider & Son Wheat Dopplebock 10
Suzy B Southern Prohibition Brewing Blonde Ale 6
Synebrycoff Porter 8
Stella Artois Belgium Pilsner 6
Stella Cidre Belgium Hard Apple Cider 6
Bud Light American Pale Lager 5


bottle list available

Sparkling Brut Rosé Monmousseau, France 10/40
Sparkling Brut Monmartre, France 9/36
Prosecco Ca’furlan, Italy 9/36
Chardonnay Domaine de la Motte, France ’15 10/40
Sauvignon Blanc Ranga Ranga, New Zealand ’14 10/40
Riesling H. Hermann, Germany ’15 11/44
Pinot Grigio Riff, Italy ’14 8/32
Picpoul Camino Domita, France ’14 9/36
Rosé all day!!! rosé weekly feature 10/40


Cabernet Sauvignon Bagnoles, France ’12 10/40
Malbec Punto Final, Argentina ’13 9/36
Pino Noir Light Horse, California ’13 10/40
Garnacha Camino de Navaherros, Spain ’14 10/44
Gamay Henri Fessy, France ’14 8/32
Zinfandel Boneshaker, Oregon ’14 12/48
Cabernet Franc Petit Bourgois, France ’14 8/32
Cotes du Rhone Domaine de Bouzons, France ’15 10/40